dear Folks,
This is the future site of what will be Guitars For Peace, Inc. A not for profit organization dedicated to promote peace through music in Earth.

Here is my story of how this thing got started. Upon my tour of the Middle East in August of 2006, when Israel and Lebanon were again heavy in battle, I performed in the West Bank. It was for about 100 girls and they loved my songs. Upon leaving the girls asked me if they could keep my guitar. While i could not part with my Santa Cruz guitar i really wanted them to have good guitar to play and express themselves. So, i promised "a guitar will be yours". This experience this got me thinking it would be so good for children in the Middle East to have greater access to creating music. Thus the creation of Guitars 4 Peace. Our first guitar was delivered to the girls at Bidda in January of 2007, six months after my visit.

Our mission statement is: to deliver guitars and musical instruments to children in the Middle East and Third World countries and offer music education. So far, two guitars have been delivered.

There is interest for this project to travel to the Aboriginal Nations in Australia and to Bolivia, Equador and of course the Middle East.

thank you and God bless you.
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